Tier 3: Recommendations to Replace

The Inclusive Naming Word Lists v1.0 is now available:

This page and its subpages are available as a single downloadable file in these formats: HTML | OpenDocument (.odt) | JSON | PDF formats.

(If you want the entire list of all the words in this release as a single file, use these links instead: HTML, OpenDocument (.odt), PDF, or JSON)

Terms in this list should be considered for replacement. Terms included in this list have one or all of the following:

  • Review by the Inclusive Naming Initiative, with particular attention paid to finding consensus among member companies and participants’ companies for replacements
  • Research conducted by the Inclusive Naming Initiative on the etymology of the word and non-tech cultural connotations, per the Language Evaluation Framework
  • A consensus-based replacement term or terms proposed by the Language Workstream and sent for approval and review to the larger Initiative