About the Inclusive Naming Initiative

The Inclusive Naming Initiative’s mission is to promote and facilitate replacing harmful and exclusionary language in information technology

Activities, Goals, and Deliverables

We’re looking to bring together a community of information technology organizations and professionals to collaboratively:

  • Define processes for removing harmful and exclusionary language from software, APIs, standards, and other IT-related materials
  • Develop resources and tools such as a comprehensive list of harmful terms and suggested replacements, language evaluation frameworks, templates, and guidance and best practice materials
  • Recommend implementation paths for different use cases
  • Provide tooling to measure implementation success
  • Act as a platform for community recognition of organizations actively doing the work


Note: Roadmap is subject to change

  • Q1 2021

    • Define best practices and replacements with the community, providing documents and tools for participants to get started
    • Discuss at KubeCon community meeting
  • Q3 2021

    • Showcase case studies and success stories
    • Share wins at KubeCon 2021
  • Q4 2021 (based on demand)

    • Develop certification program

Who is involved?

Our leadership team includes members from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Cisco, Red Hat, VMware and IBM. We are currently seeking representatives from other companies and open source projects looking to make these changes consistently!

Sound interesting?

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