Sponsor the Inclusive Naming Initiative

Support the Inclusive Naming Initiative‚Äôs mission to promote and facilitate replacing harmful and exclusionary language in information technology. All sponsors of the initiative are also corporate members of the Linux Foundation, and belong to a group called the Sponsors Forum, who are empowered to create proposals for submissions to the Steering committee. The steering committee plans and tracks goals in all of the initiative’s workstreams.

Each Sponsor can appoint a number of representatives to the Sponsors Forum, depending on the Sponsorship level. The number of representatives also equals the voting power of the sponsor on the Sponsors Forum.

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Level No. of Representatives Annual Fees
Premier 3 $ 25,000
Champion 2 $ 15,000
Startup 1 $ 2,000
Associate 1 $ 0

NB: Only pre-approved non-profits, open source projects, and government entities can be associate sponsors.

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