Related projects

We’re lucky to be working with some of the most innovative and caring organizations on the planet for this initiative. Here’s a list of the initiatives our participants are working on!

By IBM and Red Hat

Conscious language in your open source projects

Conscious language in your open source projects is a guide created by IBM and Red Hat to remove problematic language from software that they contribute to and release. The repository contains documents about that process.

This project currently uses their FAQs .

By the IETF

Inclusive terminology in IETF documents

A list of alternative terms in technology published by the IETF standards group for use on an ongoing basis. We also recommend reading the Terminology, Power and Oppressive Language draft document for more research and background.

By Kubernetes

Naming working group

The Kubernetes naming working group is tacking many of the issues addressed by the Inclusive Language Initiative on a smaller, more tactical scale. Viewing the working group’s documents and process could prove useful for projects and companies trying to make similar changes. We also recommend joining their mailing list .

By Linux Foundation Networking

Inclusive language working group

The LF Networking nonprofit started this working group to tackle language and inclusive naming issues in the networking space. The group meets twice a month currently. We also recommend joining their mailing list .